Thursday, 13 September 2012

Camper Pamper Pods

You may have heard us banging on about Leisure Hubs for the last few days, so, in the words of Monty Python, now for something completely different…

Well, not entirely different, but certainly a great new concept to consider if you already own a van or are looking to buy a van for multiple purposes.

Camper Pamper pods are the brain child of Leisure Hubs, promising all the luxury and function of our bespoke van conversions in the form of easy to use pods, which slide in and out of your van, with minimal fuss and maximum practicality.

Going camping for the weekend can be a messy, tiring affair. Cooking food can be tedious, constantly battling the elements to fry bacon and having to buy fresh food to be cooked immediately, or tinned or packaged delights to be consumed at an unhealthy rate.

The Pods we provide, extinguish all of the above, and promise a unit with all the creature comforts you need to prolong your stay for as long as you wish.

Ok, let’s start from the top, the kitchen unit top to be precise. With a stylish glossy black finish and inset 2 ring Smev hob and sink combo, the unit has the ability to rustle up an omelet, fry bacon or even seer a fillet steak to perfection, while the sink is at hand for all the washing up; taking away some of the worst inconveniences of camping in a flash and can be tidily tucked away with help of the hinged cover.

Time to throw away the cold tins of beans and Jaffa cakes, you can finally eat fresh everyday when away, with the use of our built in Waeco CR50 refrigerator with consumption compressor.

The high quality fridge provides enough storage space for all your basic needs, with its 48 litre fridge and 5 litre freezer: great for storing food, water and of course alcohol…well, you are on holiday!
If you are of the inclination to fill the built in fridge with beer and wine then fear not…the subtle panel in the centre of the pod conceals the Nespresso Pixie Coffee Maker. Tucked away neatly using a sliding mechanism, the hidden coffee maker is both subtle and functional, saving space which is essential when developing pods for more compact spaces.

In addition to this, the Camper Pamper pod has numerous design features to control your power usage, with dial to monitor battery power and a control panel for the fridge, tap and pump, the practical pod, has everything to keep you aware of power usage and make your journey a smooth one.

The high quality pod is constructed from laminated 15mm popular ply, for a structure which is not only stylish but sturdy, a factor which is often overlooked when developing mobile units.

With its easy to use design features and abundance of style, Camper Pamper pods are an exciting new addition to your current van, promising all the luxuries of a home kitchen fitted neatly into the back of your vehicle.     

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