Wednesday, 21 November 2012

For Sale!

After Camper Pamper making its trading debut it was only a matter of time before we felt it necessary to part with our beloved vans.

Literally months of work, blood, sweat and tears have gone into each of our vans, which are sure to be a special purchase for anyone wanting to indulge.

Each van offers a range of unique features and a totally original design, a truly exclusive camper experience.

We currently have our vans for sale through our main Leisure Hubs website and the T4 forum, each of which are already drumming up a lot of interest.

So, if your looking for a van which combines style, an abundance of features, superior performance, stunning upholstery and precision fitted furniture, then a Leisure Hub could be your ideal solution.

Check out our listings on the T4 Forum and through our website.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Camper Pamper ready to begin trading!

We've discussed our Camper Pamper Pods before, guiding you through every detail our units have to offer.

The last couple of weeks we’ve been hard at work, developing new finishes and features designed to make your journey a comfortable one.

We currently have three designs on offer, each of which can be tailored to suit your every need, with a choice of storage, hob and sink combos, finishes and fridges; all the essentials you need to create the ultimate experience.

Moreover, the Camper Pamper website is now fully updated with our designs, giving you the opportunity to give us a call and bespoke your own Pod.

Come and check us out!