Friday, 17 May 2013

Floor Rail Systems

If you follow our blog, Facebook or Twitter, it’s pretty obvious that we’re all about campers, camping and conversions.

By having a real passion for campers we strive to stay in line and ahead of current design trends, whether it’s with unique furniture concepts, materials or technology.

Two of our latest conversions have followed a similar trend, utilising an Unwin floor rail system.

Floor rail systems are traditionally used to house wheelchairs in your vehicle, providing a secure system to hold a chair in place.

Recently, we’ve used Unwin floor rail systems in our conversions for customers who are looking for the ultimate versatile solution.

The beauty of floor rail systems is the many options they provide, from allowing you to add seats, to creating further boot space for you to carry bikes and extra luggage.

Fitting the rail system in our latest conversion
By simply adding seats to a slide rail system you can transform your van from a crew cab with generous boot space in the rear, to a camper with a huge living space as soon as the seats are slid back into position.

Of course, this also leaves plenty of space for a rock and roll bed, converting your van into the ultimate living area, ideal for camping.

Moreover, adding rails also allows you to add and remove seats/beds, giving you the option to use your camper as a van during the week –may it be for work or general transportation- and as a traditional campervan at the weekend.

With so much versatility to be gained from adding a floor rail system to your van you can be safe in the knowledge that your camper can be chopped and changed with minimal effort to suit your situation, a much needed feature in the ever-changing modern world.

If you would like more information on our Floor Rail Systems then please visit our website.    

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