Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Brand New Fiesta Kitchen Pod Available Now

Our side venture Camper Pamper is going from strength to strength, with us constantly developing new custom pods to meet the demands of our customers.

Despite having a wide range of camping pod designs readily available on our website, nothing beats chopping and changing current designs to suit your specification.

The beauty of Camper Pamper kitchen pods is that they are made right here in our workshop in Birmingham, allowing you complete control of your perfect pod.

Thanks to our versatile service, our customers have graced us with new designs which we have then gone on to name and add to our website to inspire other customers bespoke kitchen pod designs. 
The Fiesta Kitchen Pod

The Fiesta kitchen pod is our latest example of this, a slight variation on one of current designs made to suit the specifications of one customer.

A variant of our very popular Gala pod, the Fiesta kitchen pod concentrates more of its efforts on the hob and sink and more integrated storage.

Replacing the built in fridge from the Gala kitchen pod with an additional cupboard and taking away the easy-carry handles, the Fiesta kitchen pod is a stylish concept which looks more like a permanent furniture fixture in a campervan.

Available in a huge range of finishes in both its quality wooden structure and either Corian or laminate unit tops, the unit is fully bespoke and can be manufactured to our customers personal tastes.

For more of our Camper Pamper kitchen pod designs you can visit our website, select a pod, choose from our range of options and proceed to the check out or simply give us a call and let us know your ideas. 

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