Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Where to Camp? Part 2

Our Rain Forest shower is perfect for camping

We hope you enjoyed our last brief tour of the UK covering Scotland, Wales and Norfolk. If you haven’t read it then go back and take a look, as it offers valuable insight into some of the UK’s most beautiful scenery.

Not all campsites permit campervans but fortunately for you we are separating the wheat from the chaff and discovering the perfect places for you to take your campers. 

Despite not being permitted in every campsite, campervan owners can revel in the fact that they can pull up the handbrake and stop anywhere, giving you that real freedom to explore.

With 900 acres of sumptuous campsite, picturesque British scenery, helpful staff and spacious pitches, the Housedean Farm sets a high bar for campsites across the UK with its laid back atmosphere and welcoming owners.

The campsite comprises of campfire pits, flushing toilets, 3 hot showers and 2 washing up sinks, not to mention the farm itself which plays a huge role creating the perfect countryside escape, with livestock basking in the lustrous scenery.

With so many homely features on offer, the campsite provides a place to stay for even the most basic campervans; all you need is a bed in the back and you’re away. 

If you are slightly put off by stepping in the occasional cow pat, being just out of reach from a supermarket or struggle to create your own adventure in the wild outdoors, then maybe Jubilee Caravan Park is the right campsite for you.

The campsite is situated in the grounds of the town’s park and is ran by the council which doesn’t sound hugely appealing. Amazingly though the campsite is such a hive of activity that you soon forget about your craving for picturesque landscapes and are too busy playing tennis, at the pitch and putt or relaxing in the heated swimming pool.

Yes, the Jubilee Caravan Park is filled with some great features which may seem a little cheesy to the hardened camper but appeal hugely to the masses. Fortunately, the site still has a subtle appeal, never overly loud and still picturesque, with the local town providing a place for further exploration.

Masons Campsite provides the best of both worlds, a rural escape with a side order of convenience; quite literally, as staff from the local shop arrive each morning with fresh eggs, sausage and bacon, all made locally of course.

If the smell of freshly cooked bacon isn’t enough to sell this site to you then maybe the stunning location right in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales will. With two pubs located just up the road and plenty of space for activities, the campsite provides a taste of the good life with a dash of comfort and convenience.

Three more to check out, soon your weekends will be filled with camping adventures! Forget Ibiza and Magaluf when you can get back to basics and relax in the beautiful landscapes the UK has to offer. Stay tuned for part 3…


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