Friday, 22 February 2013

Camping Recipes

As the sun rises over the rich British countryside, the once shaded grass is gradually illuminated a vibrant green as each of the sun’s rays hits every blade, local wildlife harmonise and compliment the fresh breeze and as sleep eyed children rise from their beds, the smell of bacon and eggs cooked by mum and dad is never far behind throughout UK campsites.   

Nothing beats popping a runny yolk over white crusty bread as you tuck into the British classic each morning, stuffing yourself ready for another day of adventure in the countryside or beach but it’s no secret that touring the UK and Europe in a Campervan can often lead to a pretty poor diet. 

Being able to travel for weeks on end in a camper is an amazing experience but a diet of bacon baps, BBQs and eating out everyday is not only expensive but it can do serious damage to your body and energy levels.

Returning home from the trip of a lifetime is a rejuvenating experience, freshly enlightened by the wonders each location offered, your brain has taken a journey as well as your body and will feel healthy and content.

With the brain healthy and at peace, nothing can rapidly counteract that then looking down and noticing a severe increase in your waist line.

Don’t get us wrong, we love bacon and eggs, we would eat it for every meal if it was socially acceptable but when travelling for long periods it is important to maintain a well balanced diet, not just for the sake of your waist line but also so you can feel good while you enjoy all your planned activities.

The reason why most ‘resort’ to fatty fried foods when campervanning is that most campers only have one or two hob rings and rarely feature and oven; with a minimal kitchen to work in it’s no doubt campers run out of recipe ideas, so here’s a series of blogs to unleash your inner chef!

We understand that the standard campervan kitchen consists of just one hob so we’ll start with something highly nutritious, delicious and super easy to cook.

A stir fry is an ideal way of making use of the single ring but they’re not for everyone so why not try this versatile recipe which can be easily chopped and changed to suit your taste.

Caribbean Calalloo and Mackerel (Serves 3-4)

This recipe requires just one hob ring and minimal skill but is rich in goodness and you can optimize the ingredients to suit your taste. We love chilli and garlic so here’s our take on the recipe. 


2 garlic cloves (crushed)
1 red onion
2 large tomatoes
6 mackerel fillets (about 1 pack)
Chopped red chilies (to taste)
1 large tin of calalloo

Crush the garlic cloves, finally chop the onions, chilies and tomatoes and add to the frying pan with a splash of oil.

Fry until the tomatoes are soft and the flavours have infused, peel the skins from the mackerel and finally break up the fillets to bite size portions and add to the pan.

Gently stir so that the flavours combine and the mackerel takes plenty of the chilli and garlic, even add some dried chilli flakes if you like a little extra spice (we do).

Finally, drain the water from the calalloo and add to the pan. This will instantly settle the pan and you can begin slowly stirring until the calalloo has bound all the ingredients.

Simply heat and stir until the calaloo is hot (it doesn’t need to be cooked through from the tin) and season to taste.

The great thing about this recipe is that it requires next to no time, minimal preparation and can be altered to suit your taste. Don’t like mackerel? Try chicken. We like to add green vegetables such as tender-stem broccoli, trimmed beans and peas, for extra guilt free bulk.


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