Friday, 7 December 2012

Surf Showers

As the long winter months begin to drag, a lot of us are thinking of sand, sea and possibly surf.

The Leisure Hubs ethos is simple, top quality conversions using the best raw materials and technology tailored to suit personal needs, and if your personal needs are enjoying the best of British summer then we certainly have features that suit you.

As the workshop grows colder we’re beginning to ponder the summer months, dreaming up new designs which can make your beach holiday even easier.

Fortunately, one of our features really comes into its own in summer, especially for surfers, sun bathers and sand castle builders.

During the latter part of the year our integrated shower is great for cleaning muddy wellys, washing dirty dogs and of course having a hot shower ourselves. In summer however, the rainfall shower transforms into a slightly more exotic surf shower.

Surfing showers are ideal for both lazy days on the beach and exhilarating surfing ventures, providing a place to wash off the sand and sea water after a hard day riding the waves.

Whether you’re surfing, body boarding, jet skiing or simply swimming, the surf shower is a great solution to clean yourself off so you can continue with your day without having to go back to the hotel or campsite.

Powered by Diesel in the main tank, the surf shower allows for 6 minutes of continuous showering heated by the Webasto heater fitted under the van.

Essentially, Leisure Hubs surfing showers provide utmost convenience while offering the care-free bohemian lifestyle of surf culture, minus the matted hair, sand in your pants and faint whiff of sea weed.

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