Monday, 8 April 2013

Wild Camping

We’ve covered quite a few of the UK’s camping hotspots so far in our ‘Where to Camp?’ series of blogs. But sometimes, to really experience the great outdoors in its most natural and primitive state, wild camping is the solution.

Wild Camping is simply camping without boundaries, not being confined to the walls, rules and regulations of a campsite.

If you’ve got all or most of the facilities in your campervan then why pay for a campsite?

Granted there are many advantages to using a campsite which exclude the range of facilities, such as the atmosphere and new people you meet on site, but to really get to grips with nature, wild camping is the ultimate freedom. 

Of course, there are some legalities to get around when wild camping. In England, you must ask the permission of the land owner to wild camp, but there are many exceptions, especially if you are situated far away from a local campsite.

Most land owners simply require you to leave the site as you found it, clearing all litter, burying toilet waste, taking into consideration local wildlife, not making too much noise and keeping your stay to one or two nights.

On the other hand, in Scotland, the rich countryside is your oyster, with wild camping being completely legal, although some landowners may enforce certain rules upon their land or remain except from the law.

It’s up to you to respect landowner’s wishes in both England and Scotland as it’s more than likely you’re the one going to the toilet on their property, so maintaining a high level of etiquette and understanding is essential and you should always be prepared to leave on short notice.

Legalities aside, the benefits of wild camping are in abundance, allowing you the unrivalled freedom of pulling up your handbrake near enough anywhere and enjoy the scenery. It also allows you to make the most of your campervan, utilising each of its features rather then opting for the easy option of going to an on site restaurant or communal showers.

Not only do you get to grips with nature but you also keep costs at an all time low, not having to pay for a campsite or its facilities, leaving you extra money in your pocket to spend on important things like premium sausages and real ale.

Leisure Hubs van conversions are a great way to provide all the essentials for wild camping; our built in rain forest shower especially.

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