Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Luxury Camper Furniture at Busfest this Weekend

Our new range of luxury camper furniture will allow customer’s to enjoy the installation and conversion process themselves, without having to build there own furniture.

For many, converting is a hobby, but it can be a difficult, time consuming and expensive task. Leisure Hubs understand that the conversion process is as exciting as it is costly; that’s why we’re now designing furniture which you can easily install at home.

On the flip-side, paying for a full conversion complete with appliances is even more expensive, so in the interest of saving money (especially in the current financial climate) buying furniture tailored to your van and installing it by hand is not only easy but economical.

So how do you get started? All you need to begin creating the camper of your dreams is give us a call and book a consultation either face to face or over the phone, we’ll then measure up your van’s interior and discuss with you the exact specifications, finish and appliances you desire.

We will then build furniture to your exact requirements, making sure that it fits flush with your vans interior for an easy install.

We offer an unrivalled range of appliances, real wood veneer and laminate finishes, as well as stunning Corian work tops, so your camper furniture parallels the quality of a modern home kitchen.

Designed by our team of experts from high quality lightweight ply, the furniture comes ready built for a simple install, but we do have plans to design a flat pack variant which can be shipped throughout Europe.

If you would like to transform your van into a luxury camper but are worried about the money you could spend on handing over your beloved vehicle to a converter then look no further; Leisure Hubs deliver a premium design that you can install at home.

Leisure Hubs is displaying its new furniture range at Busfest this weekend (6th - 8th September). We hope to see you all there!

For more information regarding our camper furniture please visit our website or book a consultation over the phone.


  1. Hi guys like your handmade finish but can't find you on the web are you still trading? I have a custom build I would like to chat about.