Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Camper Pamper Designs Protected by ACiD

Both Leisure Hubs and Camper Pamper strive to develop truly unique designs, that’s why our campers are not the standard conversion design which you can find with other companies.

Our aim is to create something totally different from the norm but with even more functions, technology and style than the rest of the market.

After we completed our first couple of Camper Pamper kitchen pods it became apparent we were on to something special. Our background in furniture design allowed us to create premium furniture, precision made on a CNC, by the best craftsmen and using the best materials.

With designs which set us aside from general market trends, we decided to work alongside ACiD (Anti Copying in Design) and get each of our designs recognised as our own work., free from copying, so you can be safe in the knowledge you are getting an original design.

We believe that when you’re buying into camper furniture you should be buying into a product exclusive to your van, that’s why we provide customisable options for each of our kitchen pods; with a range of finishes, features and designs on offer to bespoke your kitchen pod to suit not only your camper but your lifestyle.  

The ACiD ethos is simple, the company sets out to work with design talents and provide them with the protection they deserve to prevent other companies and individuals steeling their designs. 

The Colina ktichen pod with floral finish and concealed coffee maker is  exclusive to Camper pamper
The company is built up of a coalition of trade enforcement agencies, all with the same passion for preventing intellectual property theft in the UK, making the company a highly prestigious and credible affiliation to Camper Pamper.

With a comprehensive range of unique concepts, Camper Pamper intends on providing the best in kitchen pod designs, and our protection from ACiD adds even more exclusivity, leaving our customers aware that when they purchase one of our pods they are not only purchasing a pod but an original design. 

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