Friday, 1 March 2013

Where to Camp? Part 3

It’s easy to get into a routine, year in year out, visiting the same ‘safe’ campsite which you know and love.

Of course, this may not necessarily be your fault, campsite horror stories can be some of the worst, and nobody wants to be part of a campsite’s Nazi regime, being made to have cold showers in public, eat gruel or be harassed by noisy campers.

It’s safe to say that once you’ve experienced one bad campsite it can put you off spreading your wings, but when a campsite becomes your second home, lovely as it is, it takes away the freedom a campervan offers.

If you’ve not already upped and left the comfort of your own home for one of the amazing locations we’ve featured so far then maybe it’s time to give somewhere new a try, as there are plenty of locations across the UK desperate accommodate you.

Our latest guide covers sites which offer a more commercial setting, guaranteed to please the whole family, so you can visit safe in the knowledge that none of the sites will see you running in terror in some sort of Wickerman-esque situation.

Located in Cornwall, near Newquay, Trewan Hall Campsite is a family run business, rich with 36 acres of lustrous countryside, woodland and buildings, perfect for exploring.

The stunning scenery plays home to a huge array of activities and beautiful visuals, including a 25m heated swimming pool, live entertainment and local musicians, library and writing room with WiFi, camp shop, pool table, table tennis, computer games (ideal for rainy days) and just ten minutes from a beach, makes the site a fully comprehensive experience which has something for everyone.

Providing a modern camping service, perfect for the whole family, Trewan Hall is an amazing social experience, with organised BBQs, football matches and entertainment for adults and children a like, plenty of places to walk and explore, and facilities to entertain.

The outdoor swimming pool at Belgair Castle Holiday Park
Situated in the picturesque scenery of Stirlingshire, Scotland, Balgair Castle Holiday Park is a quiet getaway, perfect for those looking for a relaxing escape.

With firm site rules in place, the campsite offers a tranquil stay, best suited to families and couples looking to unwind.

The site offers a great restaurant and amenities but is a short drive away from a shop which can cause problems if you are not full stocked with essentials. 

Sandford Holiday Park is the ultimate base if beach holidaying is your main focus, as it is located equidistant from plenty of great beaches.

With easy access to Bournemouth, Poole, Studland and Sandbanks, the beautiful woodland setting of the campsite leaves you spoilt for choice, and that’s before you even see what the site itself has to offer.

Yes, the site is home to a vast amount of facilities and entertainment, with everything from swimming pools and tennis courts to crazy golf and DJ workshops, perfect for kids and grown ups to enjoy.

Stay tuned for more blogs detailing Britain’s countryside, this week we’ve covered sites that are slightly more commercial, with plenty of entertainment and essentials at hand. Next week we’ll check out some wilder sites for you to enjoy your camper. 

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