Tuesday, 19 March 2013

LeisureNet: Mobile WiFi

At Leisure Hubs we try our best to convert campers in a way which mirrors all the creature comforts you are used to in your home, providing features such as coffee makers, TVs and showers.

Mobile internet has rapidly become an integral part of modern living; life simply wouldn't be the same without access to emails, social networks and video streaming in the palm of your hand.

We understand that for many, internet access is an essential part of people’s lifestyle, even when taking a breaking in the countryside or by the beach, more often then not, life can’t completely be put on hold.

The Leisure Hubs mobile WiFi ‘LeisureNet’ is our solution to maintaining your connection when away, supplying a 3G-based internet system which works similarly to a mobile dongle you’d use with a laptop; allowing you to choose a network (whether it be pay as you go or contract) insert it in your router and begin surfing the web. 

Nothing can parallel the convenience of being able to access the internet from the comfort of a campsite, and you can decide to lock your network or make it open to the public, just like your home router. You can choose to share your network with others and even get people to contribute to your bill; A great way to enjoy social networking, games and videos while on the move.

For more information on our Mobile WiFi service, please visit our website.  

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