Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Roof Bed

Sometimes the capacity of a campervan can be overlooked; when installing furniture and a bed, sometimes you can be under the misconception that your beloved camper will hold an entire family.

With two seats in the front and two in the back (with an expendable bed) the initial impression is that the van can play home to four people.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case with the majority of van conversions as the accurate berth of a campervan should be based on how many the van can sleep rather then transport. 

That’s where a sleeping roof comes in, to gain a true 4 berth campervan, a roof bed is the ideal solution for sleeping a family of 4.

An extension to the traditional pop top roof, a sleeping roof houses a further two people, using an easy to use mechanism which allows for additional space for both people and camping equipment, leaving your camper clutter free.

We’re frequently asked by customers to develop a pop top roof for their conversions. A pop top creates the perfect living space, allowing for additional head room, ideal for cooking and general use.

By adding a roof bed, you are increasing the capacity of the camper two fold, a worthwhile purchase to make when space is already at a premium.

When planning your conversion consider how much your camper can truly hold and think about the benefits an additional roof bed can have on your camper. It is the equivalent of buying a two bedroom house when a four bedroom is just a little bit more!

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