Thursday, 18 April 2013

Van Insulation

We know that our furniture designs are unrivalled in the contemporary market, thanks to our extensive history in furniture manufacture, it is a major selling point for our vans and conversions to provide the same luxury a modern home can.

After stripping the interior of a van the first hurdle is to fit a lining. The van lining may look like the most basic of steps, but it is in fact one of the most important.

A van lining not only provides a stylish surface to cover the metal cocoon, it can also provide insulation and sound deadening, giving you premium comfort.

When discussing the conversion process with our clients, we offer a range of different lining options, from sheep or rock wool insulation to PUNF foam and WB barrier matting.

Sheep’s wool insulation is a great way to create a cosy camper: why? Sheep’s wool is made up of thousands fibers packed closely together, with enough tiny gaps to trap air, heat up and in turn keep your van insulted.

Of course, sheep’s wool is natural, provides great and most importantly in a vehicle, sheep’s wool extinguishes itself when set a light.

Rockwool insulation is another natural solution to insulation, combining natural rocks and minerals, which are then heated to form a tightly interlaced roll of fibers. The benefits of Rockwool insulation are similar to sheep’s wool, providing 4 major advantages:

  • Fire resistance
  • Noise reduction
  • Long lasting durability
  • Sustainable

With each of these benefits in mind, Rockwool insulation is not only hard wearing and economical but it is also 97% recyclable, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your insulation is as ethical as it is practical.

In addition to both our sheep’s wool and Rockwool linings, we also use PUNF foam for even more acoustic advantages. PUNF foam is a flexible acoustic barrier concept which provides exceptional performance, especially when used in a van conversion.

Married with one of our state of the art sound system installations courtesy of Rockford Fosgate, is a match made in heaven, for unrivalled acoustics ideal for trips away.

After developing the perfect combination of insulation and acoustics for your van, it is simply a matter of choosing lining boards and carpet, available in a range of colours including: Silver, Smoke, Heather, Graphite, Anthracite, Ocean Blue, Navy Blue, Prussian Blue, Sand, Wheat, Stone and Burgundy.

With an abundance of different linings on offer, Leisure Hubs can provide the ultimate insulation and acoustic preference; paralleling the premium furniture designs and entertainment systems built into your camper, for a complete home away from home.

For more information about van linings or other features of Leisure Hubs conversions, please visit our website.

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