Monday, 15 April 2013

What is a Rock and Roll Bed?

At Leisure Hubs, we’re all about comfort, whether we’re developing cleverly designed interiors to maximise your space, inserting additional padding into (often hard) roof beds, or adding an integral rain forest shower to a conversion to keep you and your family and friends fresh.

One of the key features of any van conversion, is the rock and roll bed installation.

A good rock and roll bed is the only way to stay comfortable and relaxed when out camping, especially when away for several days at a time; nobody wants to struggle sleeping or experience back pain over a good week.

In the interest of keeping Mum and Dad from moaning all the way through a holiday, we supply only the best bed systems on the market, offering top manufacturers such as Touch of Class, Bebb and Ribb and Cannon Forge.

A Rock and Roll bed allows the back seat of your camper to be converted into a bed with a ‘rock and roll’ action, providing a functional mechanism which transforms in seconds.

Another term you will come across when searching for a rock and roll bed is ‘crash tested’. A crash tested bed does exactly what it says on the tin, it has been tested to remain safe during an accident, leaving your passengers as safe as possible.

Purchasing a bed which is not crash tested is still legal to use but you are running the risk of the seat/bed being unsafe during an accident. Non crash tested beds still have their place in the market though, as they are a much cheaper option and ideal for those who are only using their camper as a 2 berth; allowing both people to sit in the front when traveling and only using the bed at the back when stationary.

Each bed system we supply promises premium comfort and a functional design, with the choice of both crash tested and none crash tested concepts to choose from, depending on your budget and preference.

When considering a Leisure Hubs conversion we offer a range of different options, including rock and roll beds combined with slide rail systems for the ultimate in convenience.

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